Appreciates support of Enhance Hamilton County Foundation

To the editor:

HERO, the Help Entertain and Restore Organization, the owner/operator of the Webster Theater would like to thank the Enhance Hamilton County Foundation for the generous grant that they gave us to help with COVID 19 relief.

As most of you probably know, the theater was closed from March 17, 2020 to October 16, 2020. We were able to cut expenses to the bare bones, but there are always ongoing expenses. We were able to sell popcorn and candy on Friday nights until the first of June and then work with the City of Webster City to sell concessions during movies in the park on Friday nights for six weeks in the summer and early fall but, that was just a fraction of our normal income. We also received donations from supporters of the theater.

The Enhance Hamilton County Foundation is a foundation that exists because of generous, community minded people who donate to the foundation for the purpose of supporting existing and new endeavors in Hamilton County in an effort to not only enhance life for it’s current residents, but also to attract new businesses and citizens, and that makes life better for all of us.

I would strongly encourage everyone to help support the Enhance Hamilton County Foundation, your local businesses and the Webster Theater.

Thank you,

Kay Ross, Webster City

HERO Treasurer


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