A mask is a choice

To the Editor:

An American can hardly go a day without getting into a discussion about the current pandemic. Everyone knows someone who is unwilling to wear a face mask, and everyone also knows that particular someone who cannot stop harping on about their absolute necessity. I would like to propose an idea, that I think nearly everyone will be amenable to.

Consider the last time you were shamed into truly changing your point of view. Come up empty? Me too. The American people will not be bullied into anything! We can hardly even be logically reasoned into a new way of thinking, especially in a short amount of time. What I think would truly help out in this strictly dichotomous society is a little bit of understanding and grace. What our community should create is positive representation, not a cruel undercurrent of judgement. Any brute-force societal pressure that non-masking members may feel only heightens their perception that they are standing firm in a war on their personal rights. Don’t harangue people in the Kwik Star, beating your acquaintances over the head with statistics and sad personal stories. Don’t speak badly about them at the church coffee bar. Merely respect their individual choice and, if you feel you must, state who you mask up for. Your friends will find you kinder, and your enemies (if you have any) will increase in their respect for you.

“I mask up for my neighbor kids, who come over for supper once a week.” “I wear mine so I can meet my newest grandson.” “When I put my mask on I am thinking of my older clients.” “I wear a mask because my daughter asks me to.” And leave it at that.

Melinda Johnston



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