Encourages self-care during COVID-19

To the Editor:

With everything that is happening in the world, the nation, and Iowa in regards to COVID-19 it is

possible to feel overwhelmed, confused, numb, or any other emotion imaginable. During this

challenging time it is more important than ever to set aside time for yourself, a time to recharge. Setting

aside time for yourself helps you and those around you. Some like time alone and others recharge

through social interactions. I encourage you to find what works best for you whether it is time alone,

time with others, or a combination of both. Intentionally taking time for yourself is important and


Many of our routines have changed due to COVID-19. You may be working from home, going to the

office different days than usual, helping your child with virtual learning, or you might be unemployed.

With all these changes, routines may have gone out the window. Re-establishing a routine may be very

valuable. Routines may include things such as maintaining a typical sleep schedule (waking and going to

bed at approximately the same time each day), eating at scheduled times, exercising, etc. In addition to

a routine, consider spending time outside, finding a positive in each day, and limiting social media. Also,

please stay connected with family and friends. Even while practicing social distancing it is possible to

maintain this connection.

If you find yourself wanting someone to talk to about your current concerns please consider reaching

out to Jen Hansen, PHD, YSS Hamilton County at 515.832.1061 or email ttedrick@yss.org .

Jen Hansen

YSS of Hamilton County


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