Childcare centers need support in Hamilton County

To the Editor:

Childcare isn’t a glamorous industry; it’s exhausting, messy work with low pay. We aren’t seen as educators or professionals; we are viewed as glorified babysitters. I ask, if we were only babysitting children, why don’t we plop them down in front of the television? Why do we concern ourselves with providing healthy meals? Why do we have circle time, do activities, and make crafts? Why do we work with children and their families to teach social and emotional skills and other basic skills to prepare them for school?

Why? For most of us it’s because we love the children. We see a need and want to help raise productive members of society. But also, we want to give our young people a good start in life. There is so much research that proves the importance of quality child care and a loving, nurturing environment propels children ahead and prepares them for school. The four childcare centers in Hamilton County do that: the center staff offers a well-rounded program to grow the entire child.

Hamilton County needs to step up to support the childcare centers as we face this crisis.

Catherine Bergman,

Director of the Stratford Early Learning Center


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