Supports Timmons for sheriff

To the Editor:

One of us has worked with Sheriff Timmons as an elected official for a year and half theother for three and half years.

We have yet to question his professionalism, integrity,concern for all the residents of Hamilton County or the well being of his staff.

We meet with him on nearly a daily basis and his demeanor is that of a steady hand,someone you want on board when serious decisions need to be made. His understanding of the County budget and his role in the development of each year’sbudget has grown to complete competency.

He inherited an extremely complicated and expensive county wide digitalcommunications upgrade, ultimately leading it to a successful implementation. In the process of working with the communications vendor, he was able to negotiate costsavings on unexpected structural changes and the securing of additional safetyequipment for his staff at no cost. This is just one example of his ability to not only learn quickly but also to seek and win benefits for his staff and the residents of HamiltonCounty.

From our viewpoint, Sheriff Doug Timmons has grown well into his role. A change at this time is not needed, nor would it be in the best interest of the residents of Hamilton County.

Dan Campidilli, Webster City

Rick Young, Jewell

Hamilton County Supervisors


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