Says Timmons has demonstrated dedication, integrity

To the Editor:

As a citizen of Hamilton County and a 9 year Board Member of Hamilton County Crimestoppers, I am endorsing Sheriff Doug Timmons for Hamilton County Sheriff and supporting his reelection efforts. I have known Sheriff Timmons most closely through our joint work with Hamilton County Crimestoppers, and during his tenure as our Sheriff Doug has demonstrated his professionalism, his dedication, his integrity and his genuine caring attitude time and time again. He has attended all of our Crimestoppers monthly Board meetings faithfully, giving us monthly reports on the activities of the Sheriff’s Department and offering his professional insights in guiding our work. He has overseen the creation of the monthly Crimestoppers most-wanted poster, and he offered his professional guidance in creating and implementing a special reward fund to be administered by our local Crimestoppers group. He has truly been a team player and a vital support to the work of our Board.

Sheriff Timmon’s dedication extends far past his obligations to our monthly Crimestoppers’ Board meetings. He has been a very visible part of our signature Crimestoppers “Nickel Scrambles” and he has made every effort to attend each one of these events–even on his days off! I have watched him interact with the public and with the young children who love our Nickel Scrambles, and he is friendly, approachable, and caring. He models to our young people what we value most in our Law Enforcement personnel: caring professionalism that helps young people respect and trust our men and women in uniform, rather than fear them. Sheriff Timmons has worked tirelessly to keep our county safe, and he has done his work well. Please vote to reelect Sheriff Timmons as our Hamilton County Sheriff.

Rev. Craig Blaufuss

Webster City


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