Says Hicok will be proactive if elected sheriff

To the Editor:

I may not be a resident of Hamilton County but I feel as though I need to write this letter to the editor.

I have known Rod Hicok for approximately 30 years. I actually worked side by side with Rod while working as a Deputy in Webster County. Rod truly has the dedication, education and experience to be a great leader in the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office. One highlight of Rod’s career in Hamilton County is the founding of the Hamilton County Police Officer Association. Rod volunteers much of his off duty time and continues to give back to the community wherever he can.

Rod has some great ideas to improve law enforcement in Hamilton County. One idea that Rod has is to combine dispatches into one which should save the City and County money.

Another idea Rod has is to bring back the DARE Program. I for one know of the effectiveness of the program, not only does it help curb smoking and illegal drug use it lets the students see officers in a positive light and the officer makes many new friends. Many of my ex DARE students have found positions in Law Enforcement in different areas.

Another area Rod wants to develop further is expanding the Crime Stoppers Program in Hamilton County. Webster County is very proud of its program, which is probably one of the best in the State of Iowa.

Lastly, Rod would be committed to developing a task force with the surrounding counties and the State Of Iowa “DNE” to jointly work on the areas drug problems. The Sheriff’s Office should be proactive and that is what Rod Hicok would bring if he is elected.

Brian W. Mickelson


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