Former supervisor urges support for Timmons re-election

To the Editor:

I am asking for your support to re-elect Sheriff Doug Timmons. I saw first hand how he organized and coordinated with the fire fighters, ambulance services and law enforcement agencies of Hamilton County to get the new radio system for all emergency personnel up and operational, making sure each town had all the coverage they needed. There were training sessions for deputies, dispatchers, fire fighters, ambulance services, Webster City, Ellsworth, Jewell and Stanhope Police departments and Conservation Officers to be sure the county was ready for all its emergency needs.

I have watched how the Sheriffs Office has worked beside and together with all law enforcement agencies to protect and serve the citizens of Hamilton County.

It has been said that the County Sheriff sets the tone of law enforcement in their county. Our county is going in the right direction. Let’s support the re-election of Sheriff Doug Timmons.

David Young

Former Hamilton

County Supervisor



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