Says words, actions of Grassley, Ernst disappointing for Iowa

To the Editor:

I am alarmed and disappointed that my senators will not stand up for the Constitution of the United States of America, the rule of law, and the American people It is disgusting that both Joni Ernst and Chuck Grassley have decided to become weak, pathetic sycophants of Donald J. Trump and become part of the cult of personality that this president has sown in our great country. The United States of America deserves true patriots who will take a stand, have independent thought, and speak out against tyranny. Ernst and Grassley have both failed miserably. I will work my heart out to let Iowans know how unpatriotic, un-American and pathetically lacking in character they truly are. The impeachment trial should be a fair trial with witnesses, and instead both of our senators are willing to allow a sham trial by Mitch McConnell.

When you vindicate a tyrant, you create and unleash a monster. Donald J. Trump is the most unpatriotic, un-American and destructive president the United States of America has ever had If he is acquitted, he will betray the United States of America, align with Vladimir Putin and destroy America’s democracy. The words and behavior of Senators Ernst and Grassley are so disappointing for Iowa and the United States of America. It is just pathetic.

Rondella Rugg



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