Mayor: ‘Speak up before your local heritage is lost’

To the Editor:

Webster City and Hamilton County, I have lived here for the past 19 plus years and am very happy to call this home and tell people where I live and am proud to do so. I however was not born here and no matter what happens in my life, that can never change.

This makes me wonder why most people in Webster City and Hamilton County have not put much thought into the future of our children to say where they were born. My wife was born in Webster City and therefore Hamilton County as most of the people she went to school with and no matter where they end up in life, Hamilton County will always be part of them. No matter where you travel or live for the rest of your life you will always be asked when filling in forms or just in conversation where you where born.

So I now wonder why we so readily agreed with the hospital board to change what the future of Webster City and Hamilton County would be when the future generations will not ever call this the place, they were born. I think that for a fact that the short answer is money. Saving our money should not be the only reason for making this decision. Yes, it has been difficult to find a doctor to help with this problem but making the decision for monetary reasons is very short-sighted.

At this time no more children will be born in Webster City and by that Hamilton County unless home birthed or an emergency, forever. Here we are trying to encourage our younger generations to stay or move back to our towns and County but our decisions for the short term profits will effect the generations forever.

I am not ashamed of where I was born but unfortunately I can never say I was born where I have chosen to live so I will never truly be from here.

Now should we ask is our alignment with Mercy our best option as it seems that their best is to give us less. Or is it just that the board is not looking at the big picture. We need to have another look at what is best for our County. We are paying for this facility are we getting the best representation from all concerned. Every time we accept less we don’t go back.

Speak up now before your local heritage is lost.

Mayor John Hawkins

Webster City


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