Weeds near Boone River trail need some attention

To the Editor:

Just curious if anyone else has noticed the weeds growing on the slope on the north side of Bank Street immediately west of the river bridge. When we moved into town 22 years ago, that slope was mowed with the park and looked very nice. Then at some point the mowing stopped and it grew wild with trees. Then last year the trees were removed and now weeds have taken over. There are iron weeds growing over 6-feet tall along with a new crop of trees and sucker trees growing from the stumps of the cut trees. I wonder if a citation could be written if this were private property. If the slope is too steep for safe mowing then may I suggest the excess dirt plowed along our nice river walk could be used to fill and moderate the slope into a mowable grade. It would would improve the view along the trail as well. The dirt is piled high enough along the river trail in places that the view of the river is blocked.

The scenic river trail includes the canoe access at Riverside Park. Unfortunately, the park access road takes you past a collection of out of service vehicles and then weeds a short distance south along Bank Street.

Our city employees do a great job but the maintenance of the trail has become more intense as the trail floods and ages. It taxes their time and our city budget. I appreciate and use the trail a lot, I believe along with the river it attracts tourism. I wonder if some of the revenue from the tourism tax generated by the hotels could be directed to help maintain the trail.

It is great we are able to have the trail and I am grateful for the efforts that went into securing the funds and the work it took to bring it to Webster City and Hamilton County. Hopefully it can be kept in good and scenic condition for years to come.

Paul Huisman

Webster City


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