Believes hospital should reconsider ‘no babies born here’ policy

To the Editor:

Our local hospital has been out of the birthing business for approximately 10 months now. They told us they would no longer deliver babies after Oct. 12, 2018. I believe the longer our hospital stays out of the birthing business, the more difficult it will be for them to get back into the business.

The expecting mothers in our community have had to form relationships with out of the area doctors and hospitals. Once they have formed a new relationship and if they have received good care, the mothers and their children are more apt to continue with the providers who have delivered their baby. If our hospital continues their current no baby policy, they run the risk of losing the business of the less than 40-year-old group of customers. Those under 40 make up 40 percent of their business potential. Very few businesses can afford to lose 40 percent of their business and stay in business.

The Clarion hospital delivered 385 babies in 2018. Our Webster City hospital at the present time delivers no babies and still collects over $2 million of Hamilton County taxpayer dollars per year. This is $20 million over 10 years. Our hospital collects our tax dollars, but they do not deliver our babies. Our hospital has four birthing rooms sitting idle along with all the other baby equipment and facilities. Facility costs are the same if used or not used. When used, the generate revenue.

Our community needs to do everything we can do to help make Webster City a good place to live and raise a family. When young comples consider where they want to live, they look at and evaluate what each community has to offer. A hospital that will not deliver babies is a negative to the community. Young couples prefer to live in a community where the local hospital will deliver their baby.

I hope our local hospital reconsiders their “no babies born here” policy for the good of our community.

Bob Van Diest

Webster City


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