Recommends reading The Mueller Report

To the Editor:

“The Mueller Report”, (2019) copyright by Alan Dershowitz, with the actual report on the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election beginning with an introduction on page 38 and ending with the conclusion on page 347. A reader could begin reading all 309 pages from the beginning or jump around to topics that are of most interest.

If you want to understand the beginning of the investigation, you can read the Introduction to Volume I. On page 38 it states, “…a foreign government contacted the FBI about a May 2016 encounter with Campaign foreign policy advisor George Papadopoulos… the Trump Campaign had received indications from the Russian government that it could assist the Campaign through the anonymous release of information damaging to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. That information prompted the FBI on July 31, 2016, to open an investigation into whether individuals associated with the Trump Campaign were coordinating with the Russian government in its interference activities.”

Or if you are more interested in Trump’s ordering McGahn to deny that Trump tried to fire the Special Counsel to stymie the Special Counsel Investigation, you can turn to pages 286-293 in Volume II. You may treat the book as a novel or a newspaper that you can jump around to different topics.

There is an appendix and notes on pages 348- 472. The Table of Contents and the Appendix B Glossary are both very helpful.

I highly recommend “The Mueller Report” as an historical document to be used as reference material.

Julie Stewart Ziesman



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