Disappointed with King endorsement

To the Editor:

I was extremely disappointed to see that the editorial board of The Daily Freeman Journal has endorsed Steve King’s re-election campaign.

In his 16 years in the House of Representatives, Mr. King has been the primary sponsor of only one bill that was enacted into legislation, namely the renaming of a post office in Glenwood, Iowa. While he may serve on committees that have important connections to Iowa’s agricultural industry, Mr. King seems far more interested in promoting his own divisive opinions than his constituent’s interests. In this current election season, King’s public comments have not focused on his achievements, policies or goals but rather on his support for neo-Nazi candidates for elections in other countries and his similar beliefs. As our communities continue to become more diverse, the racist rhetoric espoused by Steve King is abhorrent at the least and dangerous at its worst.

No matter your political party affiliation, it is apparent that Steve King is no longer the right choice for Iowa.

Nikki Ehn,

Webster City


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