Volunteers help make WC an Idea Friendly town

To the Editor:

We live in a community that steps up to get things done. The lights downtown that wrap around the tree trunks needed to be installed. First lights had to be purchased. A few phones calls later, these people stepped up to make that happen:

• Iowa Central Community College, Seneca Foundry, Tim and Kathy Finucan, Jacob and April Rochleau, Arnold Crop Service, Ken and Karla Wetzler, Gayle Odland, Eileen Doolittle, Carrie Olson and Alicia Crouthmel.

A Facebook callout was made on the Chamber page that simply said to show up at 1 pm on Saturday and help hang the lights. We were not sure who would come, but I knew some would come! Those people were:

• John Hawkins (and his two sons) – City Mayor, Tami Helick – Abens Realty, Lindsey Henderson – City of Webster City, Jake Motley – Webster City Custom Meats, Kevin Rubash – Interior Spaces, Denise Smith – SOS Vintage, Carol Yanda – Webster City Vet Clinic, Deb Brown – Building Possibilities.

You may have seen pictures, and they included Tami and Lindsay’s kids as well. I want to give a special shout out to Jake Motley who is new to town. He asked Phil Voge if he could leave early to help with the project, and of course Phil said yes! The young man who works at Chicago Style shared his ladder as well.

In my work I talk about becoming an Idea Friendly town. You begin by sharing your big idea (having lights downtown). They you gather your crowd by asking who’s interested in helping. The next step is to begin building connections (who knows who, who wants to sponsor, who wants to hang lights) and finally taking the small steps to get it done. Each volunteer worked on two or three trees and made quick work of it. Adam Dickensen from the city made sure the electrical outlets worked. And many people have commented on how nice they look.

It wasn’t a huge project, nor was it a boring and dull project either. We didn’t call the city and tell them to do it. We simply gathered our crowd, built the connections and took the small steps to get it done. I’m so happy I live in the kind of town that wants to be Idea Friendly and get things done!

Thank you to all the people involved,

Deb Brown

Webster City


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