Supports J.D. Scholten for Congress

To the Editor:

If you believe 4th District Iowans — farmers, businesses, families, seniors, communities — are facing bread and butter issues; if you are fearful for your way of life and concerned about the future of democracy; if you feel this mid-term election is one with significant ethical consequences, then I’m with you. If you believe elected officials need to act with moral courage, then I’m with you.

Based on these current concerns, I and you should support J.D. Scholten.

As a fifth-generation Iowan, a person of faith, and a doer he will:

1) work on legislation benefiting the needs and interests of our district. He will show up, meet with all, not afraid to hear those who disagree with him.

2) deny racial bigotry and white nationalism because we are all children of God.

3) be a servant leader who fights for democracy speaking out in favor of the rule of law, opposing efforts toward autocratic political rule.

4) advocate for civil rights, opposing those who promote the mistreatment of women, deny rights of marginalized groups, and curtail freedom of speech.

5) work in a bi-partisan manner, modeling honesty, speaking truth to power.

J.D. Scholten, unlike our current Congressman, would oppose:

• Discrimination against people because of their religious faith traditions and practices.

• Labeling refugees (65 million in the world today!) and immigrants as “rapists and murderers.” He would take constructive actions to bring legitimate workers to Iowa.

• Stoppage of investigations into the cyber-attack of our country and corruption by public officials.

J.D. Scholten will be a breath of fresh air for the 4th District, a representative we can be proud of.

Charles Kniker



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