Reader critical of Grassley’s schedule of open meetings

To the Editor: 

In the Sept. 19 edition of The Daily Freeman Journal, an editorial praises Senator Grassley for visiting all 99 counties “and listening carefully to what his fellow Iowans tell him.” This is not true. He has not had an open meeting in Polk County for over 7 years. When he comes to Polk County his meetings are invitation only for Republicans who support him. This situation is also true of most other urban areas (64.3 percent of the state’s population).

If those of us in Des Moines want to have a face to face conversation with him we have to travel 50 miles or more to small towns with small venues. Many people get turned away for lack of space. It’s obvious he does not want to hear from constituents who do not agree with him and will challenge him.

Please think carefully before you cast your ballot on Nov. 6. Elect people to serve as governor or as legislators who will listen to concerns about privatized Medicaid, object to tax breaks to large corporations who do not need them, and will again regulate the major energy companies who are now free after the last session to set their rates without approval from the Iowa Utilities Board.

Linda Warren

Des Moines


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