Hansen is right person to be county treasurer

To the Editor:

Why do we support Colleen Hansen for Hamilton County Treasurer?

Colleen is the best qualified for a complicated job. She has the accounting, budgetary, and personnel management skills needed for the job of Hamilton County Treasurer.

The general duties of the County Treasurer are found in the Iowa Code Chapter 331.552. They include the collection and dispersing of all county funds, accounting for all funds in the county, drainage district fund management, tax sales, anticipatory warrants, county bonds and county and secondary road assessment districts. In addition, the County Treasurer is responsible for the investments of all county funds. A good County Treasurer will pay daily attention to maximizing the yield of county funds, while putting safety and liquidity of the funds first.

Colleen Hansen is uniquely qualified to be the best choice with over 31 years as Office Manager in Secondary Roads. She monitors a nearly $6 million budget and oversees $5 million in revenues annually. Along with doing payroll and employee leave and wage reports for currently 30 employees, Colleen also monitors the Secondary Road Fund daily cash flow.

The Secondary Roads Department maintains the roads and bridges in the county. They also work closely with the Board of Supervisors in maintaining the complicated land drainage system. The County Treasurer collects, invests, and disperses the drainage funds and Colleen has decades of experience in the total understanding of drainage districts.

The County Treasurer acts as an agent for the State, collects use tax on motor vehicle transfers, and also collects license fees for vehicles. In several counties including Hamilton County, the County Treasurer also acts as an agent for the State in the issuance of driver’s licenses and non-driver identification cards. Colleen would be the most qualified to oversee all divisions within the Treasurer’s Office.

There will be a new Treasurer beginning duties on Jan. 1, 2019, we feel the people of Hamilton County would be best served with Colleen Hansen as their next County Treasurer. Please join us in voting for Colleen.

Deb Leksell, Past County Treasurer (26 years)

Gretchen Bruner, Past County Treasurer Tax Supervisor (25 years)

Sandy Jondal, Past County Treasurer Clerk

(3 years)


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