Legion commander decries vandalism, theft at memorials

To the Editor:

I address this to the person or persons who felt it was necessary to commit what I consider a slap in the face of all the American soldiers who fought and died in all the wars every fought.

Within the last few days, we had a military marker and flag stolen from one of the memorials on the Boulevard of Valor. The particular memorial was for the WWII veterans. More than 400,000 Americans died in that war so that you, whoever you are, had the freedom to steal from this memorial.

If you have the courage to amend this action on your part, please return the items to the memorial or to the American Legion, no questions asked.

In addition to this action against the American service man, I would plead with those who have also found it necessary to desecrate and destroy our flags on the Bank Street bridge memorial to please reconsider your actions. This particular memorial has been destroyed over and over. Why?

Dale Caquelin,


American Legion Post 191