Urges WC residents to vote ‘Yes’ for H/M tax renewal

To the Editor:

As a member and chair of the initial Webster City Hotel/Motel Tax Board, the past nine years of the local tax on hotel/motel rentals has had a very positive impact on Webster City. Please vote and encourage friends and neighbors to vote “yes” Tuesday, Nov. 8 or on your absentee ballot to renew this local option.

The city ordinance establishing the program (Ordinance No. 2007-1673) states the purpose or use of the collected funds is to: promote the City, its attributes/attractions emphasizing the attraction of visitors or new residents; construction of or enhancement of tourism in the City or immediate surrounding area impacting the City; provide financial support of activities/events bringing people to the City; and other tourism enhancement uses approved by the City Council.

We all have experienced paying a hotel/motel tax during our travels. In Iowa there are 152 cities or counties having a local option hotel/motel tax. Among the projects assisted by the Webster City tax were:

Welcome to Webster City signs, marketing assistance for the Area Chamber of Commerce (like RVTV, JunqueFest, RAGBRIA, Ladies Night Out), enhancing the snowmobile trail, funds to renovate the fairground’s grandstand, creating a tourism website, wayfinding signage to key locations, assisting Boone River clean-up, staffing the Wilson Brewer Park Information Center and building improvements, supporting the Doodle Bug Reunion, out of town marketing support to the Webster City Community Theatre and establishing a one week summer camp for kids in grades 2-8, marketing assistance for the J & J Speedway and Midwest Rampage, art in Boone River Country, new scoreboards for the little league fields, and handicap access to the Jane Young House. Other important supported projects included the Webster Movie Theater, Legacy Learning Boone River Valley, Border Brigade Archery, Hamilton County Saddle Club, Kendall Young Library, All Cultures Equal, PRIDE, and Hamilton County Fair Foundation.

The Webster City Hotel/Motel local option, supported by overnight visitors, has contributed significantly to the advancement of our City. Please vote “yes” to renew this beneficial initiative so Webster City organizations can continue to attract visitors and make life better for our residents.

Doug Getter

Webster City


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