Thanks for support of Lynx football team

To the Editor,

On behalf of the senior parents, Lynx football players and all parents of the Lynx football team — A huge thank you to Patrick Coons, Troy Banning and Brad VanDeer-KQWC for the awesome photos and coverage. Thanks to the Webster City Fire Department and Police Department for escorting us back into town after the championship game. Thanks to DJ Trophy-Bob Draeger for time and donation for senior gifts. Also a Huge Thank You to all that donated food, drinks, condiments, ice, grill, charcoal, roasters, coolers, tables, plates, silverware, napkins and anything else we might have forgotten.We are so thankful for everything.

Also a huge thank you to the Lynx fans. You were awesome. It was a history-making, fun great ride. We are so blessed and thankful to have had so much support.

Thank you. So proud of our Lynx.

Parents and

Lynx Football Team