Former trooper voices support for Hicok

To the Editor:

I have known Rod Hicok and his family for approximately 25 years. I am currently retired from the Iowa State Patrol but am still active in the military as a LCDR in the Navy.

Rod has the leadership qualities that those in the field admire and respect. His Christian principles and the strong sense of right and wrong have served him well. Those who have served under him know that he not only talks the talk but walks the walk. One of his leadership beliefs is in knowing where your priorities lie: No. 1 God, No. 2 Family, No. 3-Career. However, he understands that at times the safety of the public and mission critical priorities require sacrifices placing the job ahead of other personal priorities. But keeping a positive perspective on the importance of family and faith are attributes for strong leadership.

Throughout his career he has stood for what was right as it pertained to public safety and to supporting his co-workers. I know for a fact that he will always tell the truth and stand up for what he believes is right, “even if he has to stand alone.” When my integrity and professionalism was called into question during a departmental complaint, Rod was one of very few that had the strength and courage of conviction to stand beside me and tell the truth as others were more concerned about their careers. Rod without question, hesitation or any concern for his own well being or career advancement voluntarily spoke up and defended my actions for no other reason than it was the right thing to do and based on his support and factual information I was cleared of any wrong doing. Rod has said many times, ” as long as you are right I will defend you but If you are wrong then you accept your mistake and move forward.”

What do you get If you chose to elected Rod Hicok as your sheriff? You will have one of the most honest men I have ever known leading the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office.

Todd Souhrada

Retired Iowa State Trooper