Supports Timmons for sheriff

To the Editor:

Voters in Hamilton County:

As citizens of the United States of America, we have the right and responsibility to vote in the upcoming election. All the positions on the ballot are important to ensure the smooth running of the various levels of government and our communities.

Hamilton County has been privileged to enjoy a long tradition of outstanding men serve as our Sheriff. It’s up to us to go vote for Doug Timmons to continue this tradition for us.

I have been actively involved in the Hamilton County Republican Party for more than 30 years. During that time I have had the opportunity and privilege to work with a vast number of candidates. There’s a special joy and satisfaction that comes from working with and supporting good candidates.

I’m writing this to tell you Doug Timmons is one of the good ones. He dug right in. Doug did his homework and researched all the rules and regulations. He gathered together his campaign team. You probably saw them in the parades this summer. Doug took a shift in our Fair Booth and he spent hours walking the fairgrounds, talking with the people who were enjoying the fair.

All the Timmons4Sheriff signs I’ve seen are placed in complete compliance with the Webster City sign ordinance. That reflects the level of attention to detail that we want and need from our Sheriff.

Doug’s passion and commitment to the campaign is a good example of the passion and commitment he will bring to the office of Sheriff of Hamilton County.

Doug is an excellent choice, be sure to get a ballot, and cast your vote for Doug Timmons for Sheriff to continue the tradition.

Connie Evans

Webster City


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