Supports McMullin for president

To the Editor:

This election season has produced divisiveness and frustration for the American electorate. The two major political parties have given us presidential candidates who are rife with corruption, immorality and bigotry and told us that we have no choice but to vote for one of them. This is a lie.

I would like to introduce you to Evan McMullin and Mindy Finn. Evan and Mindy joined the race for the presidency of the United States later then usual. They have not been allowed to debate and have received little publicity. Most American voters are still unfamiliar with them. Let me tell you about them.

Evan was born in Utah and raised in Washington. He is a former CIA operative, Goldman-Sachs investment banker, and chief policy adviser for the House Republicans. Evan understands foreign policy, national security, the economy, and a range of other issues. He is pro-life, anti-gun control, and believes that power should be removed from Washington D. C. and returned to the states.

Mindy Finn is his choice for Vice-President. She is married, the mother of two, and runs Empowering Women, a nonprofit organization that looks to empower women throughout the country. Mindy has worked for senior Republican leaders, in the technology industry, and as a journalist.

Together, Evan and Mindy have the knowledge and ability necessary to head our country in a new direction. I refuse to allow the two major political parties to tell me that I have no choice. I don’t care about the anger, intimidation or vilification sent my way because I refuse to conform to their will. I will vote my conscience this election season. I will vote for honor and morality. My integrity is at stake. It’s never too late to do the right thing. I stand with Evan and Mindy. Please join me.

Trudy Fuhriman

Gunder, Iowa