Supports Hillary Clinton for president

To the editor:

Public opinion polling has shown that voters are very concerned about the challenges our children are facing growing up and would like government to do more to ensure the health, safety, and education of the next generation. At the same time, media attention and campaign ads give scant attention to child policy issues, as they are not “hot button” issues and do not lend themselves to “sound bite” solutions.

Children can’t vote: they need adults who do to ensure their interests are addressed. As an educator and member of a local Early Childhood Center, I know the stakes are high in this election.

Fortunately, America has a candidate, Hillary Clinton, who not only has presented thoughtful positions on major child policy issues, but has an unparalleled track record fighting for and enacting policies that benefit children – from child health coverage to early childhood education to foster care reform and adoption.

If we are to get beyond the simplistic and negative campaigning to elect a President who will address our country’s concerns, we must hold our candidate’s accountable to speaking out on child policy. Hillary Clinton has and deserves our support.

Janet Adams

Webster City