Says Timmons is the right choice for sheriff

To the Editor:

Hamilton county residents have an opportunity to make a choice this November which will impact them, their families, and their neighbors in many profound ways. Please take some time to place your vote for Doug Timmons for Hamilton County Sheriff.

I’ve known Doug for the past 9 years. Although I don’t usually become involved in politics, Doug’s work ethic and genuine concern for all members of our community has shown me that no other candidate can serve us as well as Doug. As a full time deputy, he also serves as a fire fighter and EMT in Stratford. Sharing emergency calls with Doug shows his deep level of care for patients, their families, and the community. He never elevates himself above others but works beside them to get the best results. Working with people is one of his best strengths. Even when he is required to have conversations with those who are not following the law, he treats them with compassion, dignity, and respect. However, he is not afraid to

show his leadership and authority when the situation warrants.

Doug supports the 2nd amendment, works to create equitable situations for everyone in the community, and puts his full effort into his job each and every day. For these and many other reasons, I urge you to make your vote count this November. Vote for our community and vote Timmons for Sheriff.

Don Stangeland