Retired deputy supports Timmons for sheriff

To the editor,

Here in Hamilton County we are fortunate to have the majority support our local officers, they are a fine group. If you meet an officer, take a moment to thank them for their service, believe me it will mean more to them than you know. I know this having served 33 years in local law enforcement. Those thanks were few and far between but greatly appreciated when they came.

I ask you to look at the local sheriff’s race. I know and respect both candidates, but I look at Doug Timmons as a better choice for sheriff. Doug came to the Hamilton County Sheriff’s office from another sheriff’s dept. with useful training and knowledge he shared. Doug is well versed in drug, criminal, traffic and civil cases. Shortly after he came I was working on a drug case and Doug stepped up and voluntarily helped me, showing me a better and easier way to finish the case. Being the new guy and me being the older deputy, Doug shared his knowledge in a way I could benefit from it without feeling threatening or demeaning. This is something I never forgot.

Doug also strongly believes in public service, serving on the local fire department and city council just to name a few. Years ago, I had a friend from Stanhope that reminds me of Doug, a law enforcement officer and served on the local fire department. This young man was taken from us at a young age by cancer. Before he passed away he handed me his hand cuffs and told me to use them and when I retired pass them on to someone else. I retired earlier this year and after much thought handed them off to Doug as he reminded me so much of Lon.

Before I retired I was stricken with cancer and ended up staying a month in Rochester at Mayo with my wife at my side. Unknown to us Doug and his wife did a quick fundraiser, and raised considerable funds to help with our expenses. Service without reward, greatly appreciated not to be forgotten.

The choice I make for sheriff of Hamilton County comes easy for my wife Cris and I. We support and will be voting for Doug Timmons. I ask all of you to do the same.

Paul Whitmore

Retired Hamilton County

Deputy Sheriff