Former sheriff endorses Timmons

To the Editor:

Earlier this year, there was a three-way primary race for Sheriff of Hamilton County. I knew each of those candidates personally and was contacted and spoke with all three of them during the race. At that time, I chose not to give an endorsement to any of the candidates as I had a desire to see their efforts and the way they conducted themselves during the campaign.

On June 7, the voters spoke and Deputy Doug Timmons won the election by a good margin. I congratulated each of the candidates for running good, clean campaigns based on their experience and work histories.

We now have another candidate running as an Independent against Doug Timmons for the general election.

I have known Doug Timmons since he was a small boy. He is the son og Gene Timmons, who was an officer with the Webster City Police Department when I started with the Hamilton County Sheriffs Office in 1970. There has been a long history of law enforcement background in the Timmons family. I hired Doug as a deputy almost 16 years ago. At that time, he had been an employee of the Winnebago County Sheriffs Office for six years. I received good reports about Doug from Tom Lillquist who was the Winnebago County Sheriff, and also from other employees of that office and people within the community. Sheriff Lillquist hated to lose Doug, but understood his desire to return to the county where his family and roots were.

While in Winnebago County, Doug was deeply involved with the volunteer fire department and EMT service. That dedication has continued after his return to Hamilton County. Doug is a volunteer with the Stratford Fire Department where he and his family reside.

There are two forms of service that can be demonstrated by an elected official. One is to serve the people with all of your ability and effort. The other is to serve self interests and I believe Doug demonstrates the first of these. Doug has demonstrated his desire to serve and help others when it is not required of him. I believe this to be a very good trait for the sheriff of the county.

Today’s struggles and challenges in our country and for law enforcement are serious and numerous. It takes commitment for our officers to keep us and themselves safe in these changing and challenging times. Giving my endorsement for Sheriff is not taken lightly. With Doug’s 20 years-plus of experience, a desire to serve others and with his family and roots in Hamilton County, I am endorsing Doug Timmons for Hamilton County Sheriff in the general election.

Scott Anderson,

Former Hamilton County Sheriff