Cites need for more foster care homes in Webster City

To the Editor:

There is a critical need for foster homes in Webster City and surrounding communities. The shortage of foster homes has resulted in children being placed outside of their home communities which means having to leave behind everything that’s familiar – like home, school, friends and favorite pets. And sometimes it even means separating brothers and sisters. Keeping children in their own community around familiar surroundings can help ease the shock, trauma, and confusion that often comes with being removed from their home. We need foster homes in our communities so a child is not placed away from everything they know.

Foster care is temporary. The ultimate goal is to help reunite children safely with their birth families. Iowa Kids Net is the organization that recruits, trains, and provides ongoing support to people that are willing to open their home to children in need. More information on foster parenting can be found on the Iowa Kids Net website at or by calling Bambi Schrader at (515) 291-5041. Becoming a foster parent can change a child’s life and yours.

Peggy Wyatt

Cheryl Schmiz

Volunteers for Iowa Kids Net