Opposed to Prestage processing plant project

To the Editor:

I am very disappointed of the residents of Eagle Grove and Webster City for disregarding the rural residents of Troy Township by supporting Prestage Farms. This will not only be a slaughter house, but also an animal confinement lot, and will have a rendering plant on site. This will be hugging our green belt area. Hunters, fishermen and fisherwomen, and nature seekers – forget about using the green belt when the stench is so bad, animals will migrate out of the area or die from toxins and bacteria in our water and air.

No one contacted the residents near the proposed site. Eagle Grove, Karl Helgevold, and other county officials, dumped this on us saying that “everyone seems very supportive for the most part.” Well, that is not true. How can they claim that sort of “support” if some of the residents and property owners have just found out about this proposal within the past two weeks.

I understand that Eagle Grove and the surrounding area have economic needs. But let’s consider quality of life. The location is horrible. Why are we locating this facility near a natural and historical heritage site located within the green belt and along the Boone River in the former Bach Grove/Troy hamlet sites? The oldest cemetery of the county is located in this area. The wooded area was one of the last used by Native Americans in their migration to reservations in the 1880s.

My father worked in that industry for almost 30 years, so I realize that there is a need. But I don’t understand – Why Prestage??Why this location??Why so rushed?

Something smells rotten in Wright County and will wind up in Webster City too. Stop this now.

Veronica Guyader

Troy Twp. Resident

Troy and Woolstock