Officials seek support for state fuel tax increase

To the Editor:

In the last few weeks, the Hamilton County Board of Supervisors and the City Council of Webster City have both passed resolutions supporting an increase in the state fuel tax by 10 cents per gallon phased in over three years. Other city councils within the County are likely to pass similar resolutions. The current fuel tax which funds road maintenance and construction for the state, county and city systems has remained unchanged since 1989.

As elected officials, it is our responsibility to see that our county and city road/street systems are maintained in a safe and efficient manner. As citizens it is our responsibility to provide the funding necessary to maintain this vital infrastructure that previous generations paid for and passed on to us.

There now appears to be a growing number of members of the Iowa Legislature courageous enough to pass an increase in the state fuel tax, including our representative Rob Bacon. We encourage our State Senator Jerry Behn to join them.

If you believe it is time for Iowans to step up and responsibly fund road and street maintenance, then join us in thanking Rep. Rob Bacon at rob.bacon@legis.iowa.gov for his support and contacting Sen. Jerry Behn at jerry.behn@legis.iowa.gov and urge him to support an increase in the state fuel tax.

Wes Sweedler

Chair, Hamilton County Board of Supervisors

Troy Hassebrock

Mayor, Blairsburg

Jeanette Tempel

Mayor, Kamrar

Doug Getter

Mayor, Webster City

Jessica Hiemstra

Mayor, Williams


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