Driving refresher course needed

To the Editor:

It just amazes me how complacent we have become as drivers in this state. As I was sitting and waiting fo someone, I watched one of the stop signs on Second Street just to see how many people actually came to a complete stop. Most people just slowed way down and then went right on through the stop sign. Only about 15 people out of 100 came to a complete stop, and some of them had to, to allow someone to turn the corner.

According to Iowa Law, one must come to a complete stop for at least three seconds. Now that means that your tires must stop moving for that amount of time. It does not seem like a lot of time, but to a lot of people it must be a lifetime the way they drive. I do believe that we all need a refresher in driving so we all know the law and follow it.

Not only that, but just the way people drive in this town – I sometimes have to be a mind reader just to see what they will do next. Then when we head out of town to the south, there are the ones that have to speed just to get around you so they can turn at the light, which they have to wait for anyway.

The worst case is those that just have to be on their cell phones either talking ot worse, texting while trying to drive. When they are on their phones, they are not paying attention to driving at all. I guess that their conversation is more important than their vehicle when they have an accident. And they will, sooner or later. So maybe the answer is that when we go to get our driver’s license renewed, we should have to drive for an officer again like the first time, and I bet that most people will not pass the test for the way they drive normally.

Randy Wunschel

Webster City