Thanks to all who supported the Webster City Community Chorus

To the Editor:

I would like to thank Webster City and surrounding communities for your wonderful support of the Webster City Community Chorus this past weekend. Even though Mother Nature scripted bone-chilling cold and snow, your attendance and response to our annual Christmas concert could not have been greater. Any musician, actor or dancer will tell you that a good audience can make the difference between a good show and an extraordinary show. You people made it “The Best Christmas Present Ever.”

Speaking of great people, it goes without saying that the singers and musicians that gave of their time and talent to me and to you deserve another round of applause and kudos. What a joy for me to watch and hear them grow with the music and message of this glorious season. Their voices, eyes and smiles say volumes. “I Wish You Christmas” filled our hearts with peace and joy. May this Christmastime bring peace and joy to fill all your wishes.

Thank you Webster City and Merry Christmas.

Don Anderson

WCCC Director