Wants to see change on the City Council

To the Editor:

Great forum Tuesday night put on by the League of Women Voters. If one couldn’t tell by the yard signs around town, Tuesday night made it even more obvious that there is a special interest group behind some candidates and they are not wanting any change.

We must have change for this town to grow. I have said this before in my letters here and it was touched on during the forum; we must get back to the city manager working for the council. We seem to have a monarchy now that is a complete failure.

During my battle to keep the firearms ordinance from passing, I never received a reply from any council member to any of my emails. I feel they had decided in the “back room” what was going to happen before any votes. They even passed the first reading without any of them asking why or how this ordinance came to be. Voting without asking why.

Enough is enough, let’s get the people in there that will ask the tough questions. Heck, ask any questions. The era of the bobble head, rubber stamping council needs to end.

Get out and vote Nov 5th. It is your right and your duty as free citizens.

Matt Doolittle

Webster City