Urges support for candidates Conaway, Hawkins

To the Editor:

I am writing today to encourage my fellow citizens of Webster City to join me in voting for Linda Conaway and John Hawkins for Webster City City Council.

I believe Linda has worked hard as a council person to keep our property taxes as low as possible, maintain our infrastructure and move Webster City forward by trying to lure new business and industry to our fine city.

I have known John Hawkins for over 10 years and am proud to call him my friend. John is a very civic-minded individual, and a smart businessman. He has a vast amount of experience in working with budgets and problem solving in his own businesses. John considers Webster City his home and wants this city to grow and be a great place for his children and grandchildren.

I think John and Linda will work hard, together, to make Webster city a thriving city once again.

Please join me on Nov. 5 to elect Linda Conaway and John Hawkins to the Webster City City Council and put Webster City back on the map.

Kay Ross

Webster City