Supports Hawkins and Kierzek for City Council

To the Editor:

I think Heather Kierzek and John Hawkins would make terrific new City Council members, so I plan to vote for them on Election Day.

Heather’s vision for the future of this town is grounded in her belief that we should all care about the well-being of our young people, that education gives us the ability to overcome our problems, and that there’s nothing quite as affective as a persistent quest for positive solutions.

John’s direct contributions to this community are not only in the jobs he has created and the extensive property improvements he has implemented, but in the steady and kind help he has offered whenever called upon.

Their knowledge, their wisdom, their patience, and their work ethic make them ideal candidates for the tough job of guiding our beloved city, particularly in this time of change. We need their ideas and their energy and I am, for one, grateful they are willing to shoulder the task of moving Webster City forward.

Won’t you join me in voting for them on Nov. 5?

Jane Curtis

Webster City