Webster City full of caring people

To the Editor:

Dear people of Webster City …

I lived in your town for the first few years of my life and spent many summers in Webster City, but had not been back for 26 years. On July 11, my husband Gary and I flew to Iowa from Amarillo, Texas, where we have lived for 49 years.

Our first stop after landing was driving from Des Moines to Webster City, and although we arrived rather late due to plane cancellations, the hotel staff at AmericInn were welcoming. One reason for our visit was to have a funeral service for my Aunt Darlene. Aunt Darlene who was a registered nurse, lived in Webster city most of her life and loved the town with all her heart and soul.

Before we went to the cemetery, we stopped at the Flower Cart and spent most of her money on flowers there. The owners accommodated us by arranging a fresh flower bouquet which was perfect. She loved and angels and they had the perfect one. The flowers were delivered to the site at just the right time. We appreciated their willingness to help us on such short notice.

Our next stop was Foster Funeral Home to pick up Aunt Darlene’s urn. Foster Funeral Home and especially Amy could not have been more professional, sincere and helpful if they tried. We ca never than them enough. They directed us to Graceland Cemetery where we met with Craig, who knew we were coming. He stopped what he was doing to help us. Not only did he help us, but he went above and beyond to assist us considering our time constraints and requests.

Pat and Art Downard and Von Scoles who are my aunt, uncle and grandmother, live in Webster City. Uncle Art and Aunt Pat took us on a tour of the town to show how it had changed in 26 years. They at one time owned the theaters. It was sad the theaters were gone, but there are great memories of the time they were a vibrant part of the community.

I could tell you more stories like when the person let me look in my grandparents’ home, but I wrote this mainly to let you know your town is full of caring, friendly and helpful people who made our bittersweet trip a very enjoyable one. We left Webster City with fond memories and want it to come back.

Patty and Gary Humphrey

Amarillo, Texas