Simple obituary is not enough

To the Editor:

A simple obituary is not enough for some people like Elmer Clair. Elmer passed away in Minnesota, but lived most of his long life in and around Webster City. He was a farmer, carpenter, musician, repairman, husband, father, friend and on and on.

Although Elmer was over 90 when he passed away, it wasn’t that long ago you might have seen him roller skating around town or ice skating out at the Touchdown Truck Stop. He was Webster City’s, Will Rogers. He never met a man he didn’t like or couldn’t spend an hour talking to. I loved talking about horses and the good old days with him because he lived it.

He left behind a great wife, Mildred, who has written more love notes to people than anyone I know and two neat daughters and their families. Oh, I can’t forget their “adopted daughter, Becky Kepler and her family and all their many other family and friends.

See You Later Elmer,

Don Nokes

Webster City