Who doesn’t love a good blizzard?

Who doesn’t love a good blizzard?

Ask the people who plow the roads.

When the blizzard began Thursday night it seemed kind of tame.

Well, it wasn’t.

As Friday progressed multiple roads began to drift shut and despite the countless warnings by countless agencies who were going to have to try to help anyone in desperate need, many cars were stranded and abandoned.

Who doesn’t love a blizzard?

Ask a first responder who can’t get to someone in distress.

On their way to some calls during and immediately after the blizzard, their progress was blocked not only by impressive snow drifts, but by those abandoned vehicles, around which even higher drifts aspired to create massive roadblocks.

Who doesn’t love a blizzard?

Mail carriers who have to walk in that stuff.

Though part of this recent storm fell on a federal holiday — one that seemed to go unnoticed in the wake of the snow, cold, wind, Republican caucus and NFL playoff games — the reality is that on Saturday, there they were, delivering mail. Not to people whose roads were blocked by those abandoned vehicles, though.

Who doesn’t love a good blizzard?

This answer is trickier: Tow truck drivers.

First they ramp up and tow when they can. Then, when the tow bans go into place, they wonder how long it will be before they are back at it, pulling those stranded vehicles out of the snow drifts that have gained height and momentum in the wind with time.

Who doesn’t love a blizzard?

Ask any maintenance person who has to get someone’s furnace up and running when the thermometer is plunging below zero. If they can get to them.

Or a city street worker who encounters a water main break. Ditto.

Or a line worker trying to restore someone’s electrical service. Same.

Now, the sun is out, but it is bitter cold.

There are still abandoned vehicles out there, blocking access. It has taken days to get to some of them.

Yet the plow operators are still at it.

Thank them.

So are the first responders.

Thank them.

Did you get your mail today?

Thank a bundled up postal worker.

If your water was restored, thank a worker. The same if your electricity is back on. Or your furnace was repaired.

And if your vehicle was stranded, thank a whole bunch of people, because it took all of them to rescue it.

Then thank every hand, every man hour it took to wrestle the impact of this latest blizzard to the ground.

Thank them for all of us.

Because we are grateful.


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