A chance for students to explore options

Spring Term offers youths a glimpse of future possibilities

The past two weeks, students at Webster City High School have had a unique opportunity. With the guidance, permission and encouragement of the school’s administration and teachers, the students have been exploring new challenges and opportunities.

Spring Term was new this year and was an undertaking that went beyond the classroom, the textbook and lectures. It gave the students the opportunities to choose something that peaked their interest, something they wanted to learn more about — a passion project.

Throughout Spring Term, new skills were learned and applied to projects. Others researched ways to help their neighbors and the community and then worked to set action plans in motion. Still others found professionals to job-shadow in their field of interest.

The opportunity gave the youths a glimpse into future careers, ways to give back to those in need and offered a chance to enhance the life skills they are learning.

Today, the students are presenting the results of their efforts to their peers, teachers and staff. The Daily Freeman-Journal congratulates the young people for their hard work these two weeks. We applaud the school district for finding yet another way to encourage young people to spread their wings and reach for their goals and we hope the district will make Spring Term an annual event.


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