Time to end the personal attacks, move on

The City Council of Webster City had what appears to have been a successful first town hall meeting Monday night. The mayor and councilmen fielded many questions, concerns and ideas from the public.

The council asked for input on qualities they would like to see in the new city manager. Approachibility, commitment to the community and the ability to share and collaborate with leaders of other communities were a few of the qualities mentioned by the 40-some people in attendance. However, a few people couldn’t give their input without a swipe at former City Manager Ed Sadler. It’s time to let that go. Personal attacks on Sadler and his wife are out of bounds.

Like it or not, under Sadler’s leadership, the city remained on sound financial footing, even with the closing of a major manufacturing plant. His leadership helped position the city for future growth. If you don’t believe that, take a look to the southern edge of the community at the expanded and new business that has cropped up in the last five years.

The City Council has a big job ahead of them as they search for a new city manager. The input from local citizens will help, but now it’s time to let the council members do their jobs and find just the right man – or woman – for the job. It’s our hope that they will find someone who’s ready to grow with Webster City, work to attract new business while ensuring our infrastructure remains in good repair and utility rates are kept in check.