Voters should give Kasich another look

With the pace of Republican decision-making about a nominee for president picking up, the direction of the process may be taking a good, much-needed turn.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich finished a strong second in this week’s New Hampshire Republican primary election, meaning both voters and campaign contributors are likely to give him a second look. They should.

Virtually alone among GOP candidates, Kasich has stressed rebuilding the nation’s economy and getting government spending under control are very real national security necessities. Other candidates have emphasized a variety of concerns ranging from illegal immigration to destroying Islamic terrorist groups. They have boasted of big plans and track records in the private sector, Congress or as governors.

But Kasich is the complete package. Successful in the private sector, he also served for many years in Congress – where he was one of the most effective leaders in curbing growth in government. Then he moved on to Ohio, where he has led the state’s recovery from recession and slashed government spending. No other candidate comes close to that record of achievement.

Combine that with his focus on jobs for Americans and walking back on our $19 trillion national debt rather than adding to it, and it is no wonder the perceptive voters of the Granite State gave him a resounding vote of confidence. His ability to cut taxes by $5 billion in Ohio no doubt appealed to them, too.

With that success under his belt, Kasich has moved on to South Carolina, which will hold its primary election Feb. 20.

It has been said the Ohio governor is engaged in an uphill battle. Without making the grandiose promises that have helped some of his rivals, Kasich indeed has been at something of a disadvantage.

But as the voters of New Hampshire demonstrated, some in the electorate like proven ability and detail-oriented attention to all the issues facing Americans – not just those campaign managers advise make for good television.