Decision time is here for Iowans

Today, Iowans have an important choice to make. We will gather together in

schools, churches, and other locations to select our nominees for

president. Whether Republican or Democrat, it is a responsibility we must

take seriously. Other states will not have the same chance we have had to

see the candidates in person, to talk to them, to take our measure of them

as people. Our judgement of them as being fit for office will be judged by

the rest of the country, the same as it is every four years. We need to get

it right.

It’s important to participate. If you’re a Democrat, go to to find where to caucus. If you’re a Republican,

you can find your caucus site by visiting

Republicans caucus by a simple paper ballot. The Democratic process is a

bit more involved, with the caucusing continuing until each candidate

remaining has at least 15% support. Platform positions are also put forth

during the caucus sessions, so it’s also a chance for you to put forth the

issues you think are important.

Our political system was built on citizen participation, not only in the

voting booth, but by being informed and engaged in the process. Read about

the policies the candidates support. Understand how they would affect you.

Research what it would take to actually put them into effect. Then stand

with your friends and neighbors and make your choice known.