More stringent screenings should be approved

Already approved by the House of Representatives, a bill requiring rigorous screening of Syrian and Iraqi refugees who want to come to the United States is being taken up by the Senate. President Barack Obama has said lawmakers should save themselves the effort. He will veto the measure if it is sent to him, Obama vows.

Why? The bill is merely an attempt to safeguard Americans from terrorist moles sneaking into the United States with the refugees. It is known groups such as the Islamic State use that tactic. It also is known that U.S. security officials say they cannot guarantee existing procedures would keep the terrorists out.

This is not a partisan issue. When the House voted, 47 Democrats joined 242 Republicans in saying yes to it.

Some Democrats are likely to support the Senate bill, too – though Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., has said he will ensure a veto-proof majority cannot be obtained.

Again, of what are Obama and Reid afraid? That more stringent screening procedures would expose terrorists the existing methods would have failed to find? That, in other words, their blithe assurances on the refugees were lies?