Remember those who keep us safe at Christmas

As the Christmas and New Year’s holidays approach, we hope you will take a moment to remember those who work through the holidays to make sure Webster City and Hamilton County residents are safe and can enjoy the holiday celebrations.

We appreciate the nurses, doctors and medical personnel who provide round-the-clock to care for those who must be hospitalized during this season. These professionals provide comfort, support and compassion for those celebrating Christmas from a hospital bed, even while having to be away from their own families.

We also think of the law enforcement officers who patrol our streets and highways to keep residents and travelers safe during the holiday season. Making sure everyone obeys the traffic laws to help prevent accidents and providing emergency services when there are accidents to bring help as soon as possible.

Our fire and emergency professionals will also be spending the day away from home while they watch over our homes and our health in case of accident.

The people from Meals On Wheels will be bringing food to our community shut ins and making sure they have a good Christmas meal and are safe.

Most of all, remember the men and women in our Armed Forces who keep us safe from those who wish to harm our country.

So as you celebrate, take time to celebrate responsibly. If someone has a bit too much cheer, get them a ride home. Drive carefully. Make their holiday a little nicer. Having an accident won’t only ruin your day, but it will ruin someone else’s day too. Help everyone have a great Christmas by celebrating safely.