Share the joy of the season with others

Christmas is a time of joy and love for most. The time spent together with family over food and gift giving is something that we all associate with this time of year. But there are those for whom Christmas is just another day, but with an added sense of loneliness and hopelessness. Some are going through a hard time financially; others are far away from family. Some are isolated or homebound without anyone to check on them.

We may not all have had that experience, but we can all help those who are suffering this Christmas season. Here are some ways you can bring the joy of the season to others:

Smile. No matter how stressed out you are, no matter how bad the traffic is, no matter how bad a day you’re having, make an effort to smile at everyone you might meet. Odds are, they’ll smile back and you’ll feel like life is just a little better, and so will they.

  • Take an angel from the Angel Tree at the Webster Theater. Many children and their families have registered through Upper Des Moines Opportunity and could use your help to make their Christmas just a little brighter. Each angel has a list of sizes, age, sex and wish lists for a child in need. The HERO board is working with the Webster City Fire Department to assemble and pass out the gifts on Dec. 13.

Invite someone you know doesn’t have a place to go for Christmas to share yours. Serve at the Community Dinner. Make a donation to Christmas at the Bridge, sponsored by the Church of Christ, which allows community members to select a gift for someone at no cost.

Let’s all take time to think about others this season and make Christmas happy for everyone.