Much to be thankful for in Webster City

Tomorrow, many families will gather together to share a meal and remember the things for which they are thankful. Even with all the turmoil around the globe, we think there is much to be thankful for right here at home.

We’re thankful for the agencies that step in and offer support when there is a need. Upper Des Moines Opportunity offers help to those struggling to put food on the table or pay a winter heating bill. The Youth and Family Center, part of Youth and Shelter Services, offers care and counseling to youths and families.Whether it’s a moment of crisis, substance abuse or mental health issues , their services often happen without much in the way of notice or recognition except from the grateful families they help.

We’re thankful to agencies that help the seniors of our community. RSVP helps keep seniors active and involved in the community. Congregate Meals makes sure there’s good, nutritious food to nourish the body and fellowship to nourish the soul. Meals on Wheels drivers often become a lifeline to those who are home bound, bringing nourishment and much needed contact each day.

We’re thankful for the many active and involved churches who provide outreach, a sense of community and spiritual rejuvenation to their respective congregations.

We’re thankful for the dedicated teachers at the elementary, middle school and high school level, who work hard every day to make sure our children have the skills to be successful adults as they enter college and the working world.

We’re thankful for our police and fire departments who keep us safe, often at risk to their own safety. Thanks also to the street crews who go out in the wee hours of the morning to make sure our streets are cleared of snow.

Our parks, recreational trails, Fuller Hall, community theatre and Arts R Alive are just a few of the amenities that make the quality of life in our community something for which we should be proud and grateful.

We have a great community, with great people and opportunities. We hope you’ll take time to be thankful for what you have, and work with your friends and neighbors to build on what the community has.