Include charitable giving in holiday budget

Giving Tuesday is perfect opportunity to share with those in need

It can be easy during the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season to overlook the fact that for the less fortunate among us, there will be no holiday from need.

Children whose parents cannot afford those toys our youngsters think they have to receive, adults unable to find work to pay for lavish holiday feasts and senior citizens whose fixed incomes preclude much celebration at Christmas should be in our thoughts and prayers during the next few weeks.

They also should be included in our Christmas season budgeting. Just a few dollars from each of us can make an extraordinary difference in how merry the holiday is for our needy neighbors.

Many churches and other organizations make it a point to provide toys, food, even warm clothing to those who would not have them otherwise. But time is short. Your help is needed soon.

Tomorrow is dubbed as Giving Tuesday, a day when many people make charitable contributions to worthy causes. Why not take a moment to help out a local charity? Help make someone’s holiday a little merrier.


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