City Council will likely vote on Wilson Brewer Park agreement Monday

The City Council of Webster City is expected Monday night to vote on an agreement that would put the guidance of Wilson Brewer Historic Park into the hands of a new foundation composed of both city and county representatives.

The agreement between Webster City and Hamilton County would bind the existing park property and the existing adjacent property owned by the county in a contractual agreement that would be perpetual, though there is a suggested termination clause written into the agreement, according to a draft that is part of the Council Packet for Monday night’s meeting.

That meeting will begin at 6 p.m. in the council chambers of City Hall, 400 Second Street, Webster City.

The agreement calls for the city and county to each designate $50,000 annually for the purpose of running the park. This agreement would last for five years.

That money is contingent on receiving the $1 million gift Dean Bowden, of Webster City, promised to give in October 2023.

The membership of the Wilson Brewer Park Foundation, whose members are also the members of the existing advisory board, would change to include two members appointed by the City Council of Webster City, two members appointed by the Hamilton County Board of Supervisors, and one member appointed by the appointed members of the board.

Existing members will be offered the opportunity to apply for appointment on the new board, according to a draft of the agreement.

Initial appointees will hold three-year terms. All subsequent terms will be for two years.

According to the draft agreement, “The Foundation may adopt and enforce policies, rules, and regulations associated with the management and operation of the Wilson Brewer Park, oversee and hire personnel, act in accordance with the Code of Iowa, and enter into lease agreements with the City and County related to the use of the property.

“The Foundation Board and operations of the Foundation will be treated as subject to all the provisions of the Iowa Code related to open meetings and public record laws. The Foundation Board will produce an annual financial report including all bills paid, sums received, and an undertaking of work to Webster City and Hamilton County.”

Also on Monday, the City Council of Webster City is expected to vote on a proposed contract with the newly-formed Ames Regional Economic Alliance.

The Hamilton County Board of Supervisors agreed to sign a contract with that Alliance at its most recent regular meeting.


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