Climb to remember

On 9/11 this year, Webster City Firefighters took part in the fourth annual climb at Verbio Tower in Nevada, Iowa.

The climb is in remembrance of those lost on 9/11/2001.

Lt. Phil Jessen, Firefighter Cole Youngdale, and Firefighter Drew Schwering all went and completed the climb, according to Webster City Fire Chief Chuck Stansfield.

Each member did six rounds up and down the tower, which replicates the same amount of stairs that the Fire Department of New York had to do on 9/11.

Firefighter Youngdale did seven.

The Webster City Fire Department commends them for their honorable act of remembrance of all those lost on that day, Stansfield said.

“Webster City is protected by some of the best people you can know. We are proud of their commitment.”

Lt. Phil Jessen, Firefighter Drew Schwering, and Firefighter Cole Youngdale are pictured left.

Firefighter Cole Youngdale is pictured after accomplishing the climb.


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